Mark Chatley – Headteacher, always learning

Glass half full


I recently wrote a blog here about choosing the right lens. I started by talking about looking at the glass and deciding if it was half full or half empty. In any given situation, you have the opportunity to look at things and try to find the positives, or see the negatives. It isn’t as straight forward as this as this line is a continuum but you tend to fall on one side or the other.

I think it’s fair to say that this situation has caused us all to think. There have been times where we have all felt low and down and seen the negatives that this has brought with it. These can’t be ignored and certainly play their part, but if we spend our time focusing on the negatives we could end up in a negative spiral.

It’s so important to try and find the positives. To try and be optimistic. To see the glass as half full rather than half empty. So what is there to be optimistic about?

These are all really valid things to be optimistic about. But one that I haven’t put on this list, but I feel for all should be viewed as a positive is that I am optimistic about the landscape for education. For the first time in my career, we have an opportunity to forge a path of our own design.

I am optimistic about these things because if we have learnt anything from this crisis, it is that we are stronger together. We have shown that when we put our collective heads together that we can solve problems, create solutions and support each other. We have shown that, underneath all the banners, websites and mission statements that we have shared moral purpose. And if we can hold on to this and, once the dust settles and the powers that be want to return to ‘business as usual, use it as a springboard to change things for the better, than that is surely something to be optimistic about!