Challenging the status quo – hierarchy

After watching the presentation from Mary Myatt and John Thomsett at ResearchEd this year it got me thinking about hierarchy, especially in primary schools. Their talk was about their new book ‘Huh’, conversations with subject leaders from a secondary perspective. One of the things that came through in every one of the conversations in theContinue reading “Challenging the status quo – hierarchy”

Challenging the Status Quo – Curriculum Timetabling

Following on from by blog last week on timetables, it makes sense to move on to curriculum timetabling. It may seem that this is much the same as the previous one, but there are subtle differences. In the blog on timetables, I tried to unpick the way we currently set up our weekly timetables –Continue reading “Challenging the Status Quo – Curriculum Timetabling”

Ofsted Research Review of History – A Summary

Curriculum Teaching supports pupil progress by embedding frameworks of content and concepts that enable pupils to access future material. Abstract concepts are best learned through meaningful examples and repeated encounters in different contexts. Curriculum decisions occur at different levels Curriculum decisions in history occur on many levels. Schools choose broad topics to teach in theirContinue reading “Ofsted Research Review of History – A Summary”

Ofsted Research Review of Geography – A Summary

The context of geography curriculum design in English schools The teaching of geography gives pupils an understanding of the world around them, its environments, places near and far and the processes that create and affect them. The subject has a relatively low status, particularly in primary schools. Primary education and the EYFS Geography education journeyContinue reading “Ofsted Research Review of Geography – A Summary”

Ofsted Research Review of Science – A summary

Ambition for All The picture for science is not an improving one for all pupils and may be deteriorating. Aims Focus on the products and practices of science. Products enable pupils to explain the material world and develop excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena Practices enable pupils to learn how scientific knowledge becomes established throughContinue reading “Ofsted Research Review of Science – A summary”

Theory vs Practice- lockdown learning

Despite being in Tier 4 before Christmas and having some predictions about what the immediate future for schools might be, it has still been incredibly difficult to keep up with, let alone stay in front of, the decisions that have needed to be made. Being in Kent, we were in that initial group of schoolsContinue reading “Theory vs Practice- lockdown learning”

Lockdown Diary – a week in the life of a Headteacher

18th May Monday morning and I was awake with the dawn chorus. After nearly a week of planning with my team, making amendments to the seemingly ever-constant changes and updates to DfE guidance, I was able to share the return to school plan with parents on Sunday afternoon. Whilst this was a weight off myContinue reading “Lockdown Diary – a week in the life of a Headteacher”

Patience – #DailyWritingChallenge

Patience is a virtue. I can hear my mum’s words whenever I see or hear this word. Ironic really as I’m pretty sure that my lack of patience comes from her – I am definitely my mother’s son! Patience is a value that I have learned to develop over time. It is not something thatContinue reading “Patience – #DailyWritingChallenge”

Integrity- #DailyWritingChallenge

It’s funny that I thought of this quote when I thought about integrity. It’s a quality that is so important but perhaps one that comes with experience and confidence (and finding yourself too). I remember taking part in one of those activities on a leadership course where you had to complete a diamond 9 orContinue reading “Integrity- #DailyWritingChallenge”

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