Supported from all sides

An email comes in, a Twitter notification pings, a WhatsApp message beeps. Sometimes, these things can be overwhelming but they seem to bring a certain comfort at times like these. They show a connection with the outside world – one which none of is really knew how much we would miss.

Each one of these acts as a reminder of the overwhelming support that is available to us. In their different ways, they represent the culture and climate of our environments and the fabric of our character.

I saw this picture and it is what prompted me to write about support. People working with each other for each other is what will get is through this crisis in the best possible way. It is not about being a hero. It is not about being an individual. It is about asking for help, sharing ideas, working together and being there for each other.

The things about it is though, that if you have waited until now to act this way, it may be too late. A culture is built over time and the support for that culture comes from living and breathing it every day. The support you receive may well be a reflection on the support you have given in the past. It may also be worth considering the type of support you receive. Is it offered freely or is it ‘expected’?

It’s important to remember that none of us know what we are doing. We are all wandering through the wilderness making the best decisions we can. This is where support becomes invaluable.

Take Twitter for example. As a HT, seeing and engaging with other HTs across the country has helped me in feeling supported in making decisions. There has also been the huge waves of support when we consider the wealth of resources that have been shared for all to engage with.

Our parent community too have been overwhelmingly supportive. They have been on board with all of our messages, offering kind words to us before the lockdown and continuing since. They have also got involved with the range of activities and challenges we have been sharing with them.

But the support from staff has been the thing that has made the biggest difference for me as a leader. Knowing that everyone in the team is playing their part in whichever way they can brings me some comfort in times where it is difficult to feel anything other than anxious! Whether it be the leadership team taking on additional responsibilities, teaching staff suggesting and running with ideas to engage our families or all staff offering kind words, it is clear to me that support from all sides really makes a difference when your backs are to the wall.

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