Being a Jedi?

I am a self confessed Star Wars fan. Ever since watching them in school holidays with my dad and brother I have followed them and rewatched them more times than I care to remember. When I saw the focus for the #DailyWritingChallenge was adventure the quote from Yoda immediately jumped to mind.

But surely this is a bad thing. Surely we should crave adventure – pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones, challenging ourselves to do more than we’ve managed before. I have always been one to approach things this way, seeing new things as an opportunity to start a new adventure, especially professionally.

Personally, being locked down at home has really made me crave an adventure. Thankfully, my youngest (11 weeks) is not as badly affected as most, but my eldest (3 years) has already started asking where we are going today. He is desperate for an adventure, desperate to get out into the world and explore and I’m with him. It’s been a blessing and a curse to be at home with them both. I love being with them every day, but wish I could do all of the things we would normally have planned.

But the juxtaposition of the personal with the professional could not be more different at the moment. I don’t know whether this could be called an adventure – maybe because it is a journey into the unknown – but for the first time in a long while, I want a normal week! No surprises, no challenges, no changes to routine, no thinking outside the box. These are things I usually like in my job. I know they come as part and parcel with being a Headteacher and I have grown to love them. But the current situation is on another level.

I have reflected on lots over the last 3 weeks, and two things I have read really resonated. The first, from Matthew Evans, is about domain specific knowledge. I don’t think anyone in the country had the domain specific knowledge for this situation, and that has made us all have to think on our feet and react. It is very difficult to be proactive when you don’t know what is coming.

The second is from Daniel Willingham and I had never appreciated how astute his comments were. When he talks of memory, he says ‘consider what life would be like if you always strove to think outside the box … the novelty might be fun for a while, but life would soon be exhausting.’ He’s bang on there! The constant thinking is more tiring than we all thought it ever could be.

So adventure? Yes please. Maybe it is the control freak in me, but being able to choose to go on an adventure rather than having one thrust upon us would suit me a little better. So right now, I’m definitely in full Jedi, not craving adventure or excitement, but longing for a normal day in my school.

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